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Begin Violin Anew

Rochelle Agnew has envisioned this gathering for a while now. Saturdays in May, she will present Pre-Twinkle Violin: Readying Families for Success! The course is Rochelle’s fresh take on classical violin playing and the Philosophy of the Suzuki Method, first brought to the United States in the late 1950’s. She will offer this opportunity monthly to parents and their children of 3 – 4 years, and nurture the musical and physical skills required of a family to become “instrument ready”. Rochelle is a dedicated teacher who has developed musical talent in students for nearly 14 years. She will give specific teaching points to help beginners prepare to receive their own violin. Half a dozen “learning areas” will be presented in each meeting:

  • Sing and Move – As participants are welcomed to the room, they are invigorated by whole body activities that introduce the violin literature and playfully demonstrate the phrasing of each piece. Corresponding melodic and rhythmic patterns are unconsciously put into deep memory.
  • Fine Motor Fun – Singing games orient ear, eye, hands, and fingers, heightening the awareness and sensitivity needed to coordinate fingerboard and bow use.
  • Violin Focus – The ear is trained further and tuned to the violin’s open strings as participants listen to the instrument played and observe how a beautiful tone is created. Students name the violin parts and learn their role in creating resonance.
  • Home Practice – Rochelle will demonstrate and assign one activity for families to “show-back” to the best of their ability before the lesson ends, and they commit to practice this skill everyday until the next meeting. She will make recommendations that ensure a home environment where consistent learning can take place.
  • Touch Stones – One point readings based on Suzuki’s Philosophy, and reflection-time for parents, establish basic understanding of the method’s unique attributes. Each parent will be encouraged to articulate foreseen and unanticipated challenges; they will have space to share expected benefits particular to their child and meaningful to their own family.
  • Closing Circle – Review is a joy as the group enthusiastically finishes the meeting with their favorite violin experiences.

Pre-Twinkle Violin: Readying Families for Success! meets online, four Saturday’s at 2:00 pm. Tuition is $125 for each student/parent duo for four 30 minute meetings with 2 pairs enrolled, or, $100 for each student/parent duo for four 45 minute meetings with 3 – 4 pairs enrolled. An additional one-time pop-up meeting time may become available toward the end of each monthly course. Current CYM Families or those new to the school will relish the connections made with Ms. Rochelle as guide! We hope to hear from you soon. Register here. Purchase the Suzuki Book One Recording and Music here.

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