Pictures from CYM Celli at Cumberland Woods Village!

Just in time for the whole family to enjoy! If you would like one of the picture files, please email Jake Niehl at and he will send you the raw picture file, for free. (Please, don’t download the pictures from the site, they are small and won’t be of as high quality.)  Each picture will have a corresponding number underneath it. Be sure to include that number for the photos you would like sent. Thanks everyone and have a happy thanksgiving!


12:00 PM Ensemble Recital Photos

9:30 AM Ensemble Recital Photos

CYM Faculty Featured as Guest Author

UniSound, a Pittsburgh organization dedicated to youth arts education and performance in Pittsburgh, recently invited our own Ms. Amy to write a guest blog.

Check it out here!

For more information about our offerings for babies, take a look at our Early Childhood Music and Movement department!

Ukelele workshop

Surf’s up! Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t pretend it’s summer! Bust out your Uke and get ready to strum! Mr. Mark’s Ukulele Workshop is here!

For guitarists or novices of any age, this workshop will offer a great start on chords, progressions, and strumming, ukulele-style.

The ukulele has become a very popular instrument in recent years. So popular, in fact, that sales of ukuleles have more than doubled between 2009 and today! (Read more about the uke’s popularity in this article from Musician Authority.)

Why not catch the wave? Be there October 26th at CYM Wexford from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cowabunga dude!

CYM’s incredible #FreeTheMusic Summer!

Sometimes, the universe seemingly opens and drops an incredible gift into your lap. CYM was fortunate enough to have this same luck earlier this summer when a non-profit organization named Free The Music selected the CYM Sewickley storefront as a recipient of one of their incredibly restored pianos.

If you live in the Sewickley area, you’ve probably spotted a few of the Free the Music pianos. These amazingly decorated pianos adorn the streets of downtown Sewickley (as well as a couple of other areas) enticing citizens to step in and fill the air with music.

The sheer number of people who have stopped and asked to play the piano has been astounding. Teenagers, adults, and children of all ages have asked to try the piano in the front display. One gentleman began to play, and another man asked if he could just sit and listen for a while! Night Mart brings about an entirely new experience where people can celebrate the many colors of music -on a neon piano!  Even the piano keys are colorful!

We cannot begin to fully express our gratitude to Free the Music for selecting our storefront for one of their gorgeous pianos. It has been a gift sharing the piano with the community and having so many citizens come in to play.

New “Prelude” Classes Available!

Do you happen to live around the Sewickley area? Good news! CYM is now offering free classes called Prelude. Prelude sessions are fun, interactive demo classes that allow budding musicians to explore potential programs and instruments. Come listen, touch, and learn about the different instruments offered at CYM and then take part in a group music class which will have your child singing, dancing, and creating music! Prelude is available for children ages 4 to 12, and no prior experience is needed.

To register for Prelude clink the link below to go to CYM’s Timetap page. From there, select the Sewickley location. After that, select the Prelude option and fill in the necessary information.

Our next classes will be at CYM Sewickley in September. Be sure to check this website and CYM’s social media for the date. To register, click the link here!

CYM Student Attends Chautauqua Music Camp

Most people think of going to camp as sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows while friends tell spooky stories. For one CYM student, summer camp includes chamber classes, orchestra rehearsal, and performance!

Photo courtesy of

Lochlan McGinnis is attending the Chautauqua Orchestra Camp from Saturday August 10th through Saturday August 17th. While there, he’ll be learning and working with some of the best musicians from both Pennsylvania and New York including master string educator Donna Davis as well as conductor Edward Leonard,  Music Director of the Chamber Orchestra of Pittsburgh.

Photo courtesy of

At the end of the week, Lochlan will be performing with his peers. We can’t wait to hear about his experience there, and wish him the best of luck with his performances! Break a leg, Lochlan!

Coming Soon to CYM!

With the fall semester on the horizon, the faculty at CYM has prepared all sorts of new and exciting group lessons, just for you! Check out our “Coming Attractions” below!

Enroll today at!

Call our office for more information  (724) 935-0505

Pittsburgh Opera Piano Sale is Coming Up!

Are you in the market for a new piano? The Pittsburgh Opera is having their annual Piano Sale this month. The sale will be going on between August 22nd through the 25th. There are two ways to purchase a piano from the Pittsburgh Opera. The recommended option is to schedule an appointment. This allows you to purchase a piano with priority selection and special pricing prior to the public sale. You may arrange an appointment by calling the piano sale appointment line at 412 206-5582. The other option is you may attend the public sale day on Sunday, August 25 from 12 p.m – 5 p.m. at Pittsburgh Opera Headquarters, 2425 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15222.


“Every year, Pittsburgh Opera receives an annual loan of new Yamaha pianos for our rehearsal, coaching, and performance needs. These pianos are provided at no charge to us.  Having these pianos at the Pittsburgh Opera has provided quality experiences for our artist rehearsals for our upcoming performances at the Benedum and our many free community events.  As a part of this loan program, these and other fine pianos are annually offered for sale and then replaced with new ones.”


-Christopher Hahn,
General Director, Pittsburgh Opera

The Center for Young Musicians