Mr. Erich and Students on SLB

3…2…1…and we’re live! On February 23rd, tune into the Saturday Light Brigade on 88.3 WRCT to hear Mr. Erich and his guitar students! The five performers are CYM elementary students, playing repertoire from Suzuki prep, to original music, to hits from the 80s arranged for classical guitar! We are so proud of our students, and we look forward to not only hearing them play but also hearing them talk about their music, hobbies, school, and more in their radio interviews! Go CYM! 

Friday Night Club

Friday Night Club at CYM Sewickley

March 1st , 7 PM

Open to the Public… meet some other young people who enjoy playing music and meeting new friends.

Join Mr. Erich and other CYM students for an evening of music and food!  Open to students ages 12-18.

Get some encouragment on the work you’ve been doing, and enjoy some fine conversation about great pieces of music that Mr. Erich brings to the table.

Register here

Achievement Day

April 27th, 4-6 PM

Achievement Day is a great opportunity for students and their teachers! Teachers will help their students set an achievable goal in one of their pieces. The student then plays that goal – whether it’s a whole piece or an excerpt (up to 20  minutes) – for immediate feedback from CYM instructors! 

Really meaningful progress in practice time comes from setting goals. Sharing those goals with others and receiving positive reinforcement makes it not only more enjoyable, but also makes that growth more effective and more deeply rooted in habit!

Talk with your teacher today about setting a goal… for Achievement Day!!


Violin Department Group

Calling All CYM Violinists!

Join Ms Leah in Wexford this Saturday, February 16 at 9 am for a review of pieces and practice tips.

Confidence Workshop

April 1st, 4 PM

Join Ms. Grace in CYM Wexford for her Confidence Workshop! This workshop will address how students can increase their confidence in performing. We will discuss strategies for the weeks leading up to the performance as well as the recital day itself. Open to students age 10 and up, all instruments welcome. Please plan on bringing your instrument and a piece to play!

Ms. Grace’s Community Concert

March 30th, Time TBA

Join us at CYM Sewickley for piano teacher Ms. Grace’s Community Concert!

Mr. Erich’s Community Concert

March 16th, 4 PM

Join us at CYM Sewickley for guitar teacher Mr. Erich’s Community Concert!

CYM Goes to Phantom of the Opera

March 3rd, 1-3:30 PM

Student tickets available for CYM Students who paid the  Workshop and Activities fee.  Additional tickets are $31.  If interested, contact Karen Schnatterly at before February 15th.

Ms. Simmi and Students on SLB

Ms. Simmi and CYM Piano Students on SLB

March 2nd

3…2…1…and we’re live! Tune into the Saturday Light Brigade on 88.3 WRCT to hear Ms. Simmi and her piano students! Time TBA.

Fiddlesticks Pre-Concert

Fiddlesticks Pre-Concert
February 23rd, 10 AM
Heinz Hall

The CYM Guitar Group and Guitar Chamber Music class will be performing in the Heinz Hall lobby before the Fiddlesticks concert with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  CYM Guitarists will be performing as part of special presentations for the children in the audience.

Discounted tickets are available for CYM families!!!

RSVP to this event with Eventbrite.

If you have any questions please call 724-935-0505 or email Mr. Mark at

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