Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

ARRRRGH!!! AHOY YE SCALLYWAGS! It’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Now normally on the good ship CYM we keep our sails focused on music. Alas! We managed to stumble upon a treasure greater than three gold doubloons! Captain Chris Sforza and the merry crew of the Crimson Pirates dropped anchor at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago and performed for the lads and lasses! And what better day than today to celebrate a jolly band of pirates?! So hoist the Jolly Rodger and enjoy the Crimson Pirates as they perform a medley from the Legend of Zelda video game series while you set sail for your next adventure! AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

CYM Welcomes Mr. Rob Rucker as the New Program Director!!!

CYM is thrilled to announce Mr. Rob Rucker as our new Program Manager! Rob has a Bachelor of Music Education from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Music from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, as well as additional MBA coursework.

As a certified music educator and K-12 public school teacher, he has also served as music director for non-profits in Dallas, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio. His achievements include providing dynamic non-profit leadership in western Pennsylvania, and receiving a Fortune 500 company’s Excellence in Community Engagement award.

We are excited to welcome Rob to our CYM family!

Camping at the Seashore – Featured CYM Camp

Long summer nights, starry skies, campfires on the beach€¦what’s not to love? The oceanside is a place of natural music – there are sounds all around you, and there is music to be heard if you are listening. Remember when you were young, and you held the conch shell up to your ear to hear the ocean? (Or maybe, like me, you still do that!) Someone shared that with you when you were young, and most likely you have passed it along to your children! Imagine the fun and lasting memories you can create about the seashore using songs, poems, crafts, and dances!  

If you stop and think about it, you can probably imagine many sounds of the seashore. Maybe next time you take your family, you can play a game – close your eyes and listen for all the various sounds and see how many your child can name!  

After this camp, your young child will be naming animals, imitating their sounds, singing songs, and doing a jaunty jig! Their seashore experiences will be heightened, as will their music abilities! Sea creatures, flying insects, seagulls, sea shells€¦ these are all things children are naturally drawn to, and they will be the inspiration for our music activities, songs, and dances! Through the singing and playing of percussion instruments we will compose, improvise, and learn harmonies! Each day we will make instruments to take home, and the last day we will make a special instrument that will help us perform our camp songs for the families!  

All these experiences will build scaffolding that will enhance learning in continued group lessons and, down the road, private instrumental study! 

Camping at the Seashore is for children ages 3.5 – 5 years, in Wexford, 1:00-3:30, July 15-19, $250. “Sea” you there! 

Register online for the Wexford Location 

Mark your calendars – Spring Break and Solo Recital coming up!

Two all-school events on the horizon:

Our Spring Break is April 14 through April 21.  Be sure to mark your calendars -there will be no lessons or classes during this week.  Our administrative team is still available in the event that you need anything.  Please consider planning something special that week for your music student to show our appreciation of their diligence and hard work in developing skills that will serve them well throughout their lives…. persistence, dedication, breaking large tasks into small steps, and stepping up to perform.

Speaking of performing, the Spring Solo Recital will be held on Saturday, May 4th at the First Unitarian Church in Shadyside.   We will have 4 separate recitals that day, so keep an eye out for your designated time.

We love seeing all of our students perform at the recital.  It’s always a heart-warming display of ability and artistry.  Be sure to tell your extended family and friends so that they can enjoy our young musicians, too!



We’ve got a lot of activities coming up as the days get longer!

Please keep up with our CYM events schedule by visiting our Events page often.  We’d love to see you at any of these events and know that by preparing for such activities, our students develop a sense of purpose in their practice.  Honestly, without concerts and recitals to look forward to, we can lose focus and before we know it, we’ve not made the progress that we had hoped to make.

No need for that to happen.

Join us here at the Events page.

Happy Birthday J.S. Bach featuring Google A.I.

Born March 21, 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach is the “Bang” of the musical universe’ s “big bang” beginning.  Much of the structure of the music we listen to today traces back to elements found in his massive body of work.

So it’s super cool that a group of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialists at Google studied his harmonic output to program this Google Doodle that greets visitors today on Google’s homepage.


Take a look and try your hand at sketching some melodies and sit back to listen to the machine’s harmonization based on having analyzed hundreds of Bach’s works.

We’re so excited that the beauty and structure of the universe reflected in Bach’s works is nurturing a whole new generation of intelligence on the planet.  Machine learning and artificial intelligence – meet the master of structure, still teaching us these many centuries later.

Happy Birthday, JSB!

Friday Night Club – Watch for a new name and new day!

Several of our teens met Friday night, March 2, at our Sewickley site to enjoy one another’s experiences and comments on life as well as to share pieces that they are working on.

A lively and engaged review of selected music by Johannes Brahms ensued as two student performers shared pieces by the beloved Romantic composer.

CYM faculty members, Alicia McGinnis and Erich RIebe, hosted students to pizza and soft drinks as the teens shared insightful comments on practicing, homework and life in general.

For the next meeting, the faculty would like to move the event to Saturday afternoon, since the general consensus is that sometimes Friday nights can be problematic after a busy week with schoolwork.  Please keep an eye out for a scheduling survey to see what day might work best.

We are also shopping for a new name for the group, so please keep watching this space for more information on a great opportunity to meet new friends and keep up with others whom you may have known for years now!

By the way, students are permitted to bring friends along who do not attend CYM.  They just have to be interested in music.




Violin Department Group

Calling All CYM Violinists!

Join Ms Leah in Wexford this Saturday, February 16 at 9 am for a review of pieces and practice tips.

Mr. Erich’s Community Concert

March 16th, 4 PM

Join us at CYM Sewickley for guitar teacher Mr. Erich’s Community Concert!

CYM Goes to Phantom of the Opera

March 3rd, 1-3:30 PM

Student tickets available for CYM Students who paid the  Workshop and Activities fee.  Additional tickets are $31.  If interested, contact Karen Schnatterly at kschnatterly@youngmusicians.org before February 15th.

The Center for Young Musicians