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Appealing Music Literacy Training That Delights Children AND Parents

In Cycle of Seasons: Wind Dancers course students had a wonderful semester of singing, playing instruments, exploring movement and stories while celebrating the fall season! Students honed their listening skills and vocalization through “Listening Times” consisting of animal and weather sounds. They listened, moved, and drummed as stories were told, and the semester ended with Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker March where students applied “tools” for moving that matched the sound of the music – embodying steady beat and musical qualities is a major part of the Musikgarten philosophy. Parents and students alike were engaged in this online class that prepares young people to easily learn and enjoy all music.

All Together Now: Nimble & Quick finished out eight Saturdays of fun music activities this fall. Singing, playing instruments, improvising, and dancing provided the perfect Saturday morning music time for families! This curriculum is designed for mixed ages, is online, and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Activities are based on time-honored classic Nursery Rhymes. Parents recalled rhymes from their youth as we explored these cherished gems in new ways! As with all Musikgarten courses, activities in Nimble & Quick are designed to capitalize on children’s cognitive development, laying the foundation for becoming musically literate and a lifetime of music enjoyment!

A parent commented in a letter to Amy Rucker, music instructor with over 30 years teaching experience: We wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU for a wonderful class! We are so appreciative for your willingness to teach this class… And we could not have been happier with it! The music and songs, the dancing, all other exercises and the overall atmosphere that you created in this class were so beautiful. Not to mention that all four of us get to enjoy the music, to sing and dance along in the car and at home! [Our daughter was] so lucky to have had this experience with a teacher of your credentials and personality. We hope she is able to take another class with you in the future! 

Music Makers Around the World students finished their exploration of the history and music of the British Isles, as well as native American heritage, songs, and dances!. These students are into year two of the Music Makers series of Musikgarten courses. Activities included reading and singing/chanting rhythm patterns and tonal patterns, and then recognizing those patterns in printed music using a “viewfinder”. Sharing the entire song with parents at the end of class, the students solidified their skills of reading and interpreting music symbols. Complex dances were created and enjoyed by children and parents alike. Stories were told, explored, bringing musical elements in to heighten key moments and themes. Orchestral masterpieces were introduced that exemplified British composition and music of Copland depicting the wide open west of early America. Next these students will move into African American and then German culture, music, dances, and stories.

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