Alumni Spotlight: CYM’s First Student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins, Part 3

Hopefully you have been following along on this three part interview with CYM’s first student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins! If not, you can catch up with part one here, and part two here! Then come back for the finale:

My last couple of questions for Meredith required more personal reflection on the impact of the Center for Young Musicians, as well as what she is doing today.

I asked Meredith what she wished people knew about CYM.  Here is her answer, which really embraces our philosophy!

I wish people knew about the community/family aspect of CYM. CYM is my family. They are supportive, encouraging, and caring to the growth and development of the students. CYM really embraces Dr. Suzuki’s vision that Every Child Can and that music is a gift that anyone can receive.

Looking more deeply into CYM’s impact, I asked how her time here prepared her for where she is now:

CYM helped in many ways in preparing for “adult life”. Discipline of practicing is one. Doing something every day and seeing your progress was a major component of CYM’s vision and mission. I also decided to take Suzuki Teacher training courses because of CYM. Seeing how my teachers taught, and what they could accomplish with a student, made me want to be like them. My technique of the instrument would not have been possible without the instruction I got from the school. Playing with other people/ensembles may scare most people, but because I was raised in group classes, I always thought it was a normal thing to play with other musicians.

Well said, Meredith! And what happened after life at CYM?

After graduating from high school and CYM, Meredith received her BM in Violin Performance from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. After graduation, she traveled overseas to study toward her masters degree in Traditional Scottish Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Masters in hand, Meredith returned to the states and soon married. Today she teaches and performs full time in East Lansing, Michigan. She loves to play Scottish fiddle music whenever she can, and reaches the next generation of musicians through private and group instruction in the schools.

Congratulations, Meredith, and thank you for sharing your journey with us! You are an encouragement and inspiration to every parent, teacher, and student at CYM!

Meeting Sarah Chang, with Ms. Victoria, Ms. Alicia, and Madeline Marco-Scanlin

With instructor, Ms. Leah


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