Alumni Spotlight: CYM’s First Student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins, Part 2


In case you missed Part 1 of this series in three parts, check it out here!

I asked Meredith about highlights from her years at CYM. She replied that there were “honestly so many to choose from” – but here are a few she described:

-Playing at the White House Christmas party in 2006. Such an amazing experience and the whole process of rehearsals, to traveling there, to the behind the scenes tour of the White House we got after our performance was just so special.

-Playing in front of the PSO in Hienz Hall. This was for a Fiddlesticks concert …and a group of us were chosen to play the 1st mvt. of the Bach double. That rush of excitement when you walk onto the stage and the sound of the orchestra behind you, is a memory I will never forget!

A truly unique experience involved animals:

…there was one performance at an outdoor venue … where my group class and I were playing in a tent with a stage. Little did we know, we would be sharing the stage with a zoo keeper with animals for a later event time. One animal was a leopard…..The cat was in a cage! However, the leopard did not appreciate the “sound of music” and it started to get upset and banged the side of its cage. Unfortunately, we were in front of it, so none of us knew what was happening behind us! We eventually had to stop playing in order for the leopard to be moved off stage.

Since Meredith is a professional musician, I asked her to reflect on CYM and what she wishes people knew about it. The family and community atmosphere came immediately to her mind. CYM became her family, due to the fact that the faculty are supportive, encouraging, and caring, which all contribute to the growth and development of the students.  “CYM really embraces Dr. Suzuki’s vision that Every Child Can and that music is a gift that anyone can receive.”

Thank you, Meredith for that insight into CYM’s philosophy of music education! You are a gift to us!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Meredith’s story, including how CYM prepared her for her profession, and what she is doing now!

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