Alumni Spotlight: CYM’s First Student, Meredith Hudock Hopkins, Part I

As most of you know, Center for Young Musicians recently celebrated 25 years of teaching music and touching lives here in Pittsburgh! We have a treat in store, as we hear from CYM’s very first student Meredith Hudock, now Mrs. Meredith Hopkins! Let’s go back to the beginning of Alicia and Victoria’s dream, and follow the path of one little toddler, whose mother understood the importance of learning the language of music in the early years!

Meredith began her studies at CYM in what was then called Kindermusik, now known as  ECM/Musikgarten. She was 17 months old, a great age to begin absorbing the sounds of music and developing steady beat! Her classes were held in the basement of Northland Library, before the Wexford location came to be. After laying the foundation of music learning through her toddler years, Meredith moved into violin at 3.5 years old.

Apparently young Meredith had an early desire for violin study. As her mother was signing Meredith up for piano lessons, little Meredith wandered around the lobby and started pointing to a violin. Mom took this as a sign, and signed her up for violin!

Violin study was always at Wexford, which became a second home for Meredith. She studied with Ms. Alicia, then Ms. Victoria, the Ms. Leah, and with Ms. Tanya.

Meredith has cherished memories of her group class, where she made many friends. As these friends grew up together in their class, they gained confidence through performing for each other. Once in Ms. Leah’s class in high school, they began working on fun chamber pieces together. One year they played the whole Bach double concerto at virtually every performance. They became so comfortable performing it that Meredith has a feeling they would still be able to play the whole work to this day!

Enjoy a few photos of Meredith over the years– and  there’s more to  Meredith’s journey at CYM, so STAY TUNED!


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