The Center for Young Musicians develops a community of students with exceptional ability, refined characters, and a life-long love of music through a comprehensive, long-term curriculum emphasizing an early-start, an expert faculty, a dynamic support staff, and a mutual commitment between the families and the school.

The long-term relationships between our students, parents, faculty and administrators are a testament to CYM's unique ability to realize its vision. A feeling of kinship, between all of the people making concerted efforts to educate a capable young individual—your child—has been strengthened over the course of our many years together. For over two decades, we have watched toddlers grow and emerge into sensitive musicians, and we have witnessed beginning players become self-assured and accomplished. Every person's contribution is valued at CYM.

In addition to learning to play their instruments well, students learn to be musically and culturally curious because of the focused, yet relaxed, social setting inherent in the program. Whether it is participation in a lively discussion about phrasing in a lesson or the history of a piece during group class, time spent at CYM fosters character and a spirit of inquiry. Most importantly, we have developed a warm and nurturing place for people of all ages to learn about music and share their experience with one another.


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