Danny Rectenwald

To help everyone get to know each other a little better, we’ll be posting short bios on all the CYM teachers and staff. Danny Rectenwald is a great new addition to our guitar faculty beginning this Fall 2012.

Danny Rectenwald holds a Master of Music degree in Classical guitar performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a Bachelors from Duquesne University. Danny has won numerous awards for his musicianship, most recently at East Carolina University’s Guitar Competition and in the Music Academy of North Carolina International Guitar Competition.

In addition to distinguishing himself as a student, Danny earned local acclaim while residing in Pittsburgh. He was featured on WQED FM Pittsburgh in an interview by Ted Sohier where performed live a solo arrangement of Piazzola’sChiquilin de Bachin for Pittsburgh’s radio audience.
Danny performs regularly as a solo classical guitarist playing music spanning from Baroque to Modern, including pieces he has personally composed. Danny also plays mandolin for a local Irish rock band called The Bearded Irishmen who have been featured on Pittsburgh stations WDVE, WXDX, and WYEP.

Q & A with CYM: 

CYM: Favorite piece of music to play and/or favorite composer?

Mr. Danny: I recently discovered the music of Dilermando Reis, a Brazilian composer in the 20th Century. I go through different phases of favorite pieces but for now it would have to be Uma Valsa e Dois Amores.

CYM: Do you play other instruments other than the instrument you teach/study?

Mr. Danny: I play mandolin in an Irish band called The Bearded Irishmen.

CYM: When/where/how do you listen to music for fun?

Mr. Danny:  I listen to music in my car all the time since I drive a lot. I use pandora a lot also stuff on my iphone.

CYM: If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be (and what would you eat?)?

Mr. Danny: Probably with Joseph Campbell. He’s an author that wrote a lot about religion, myth, and the human experience. I would say we would have Thai food. 

CYM: Favorite childhood book?

Mr. Danny: Hmmm, I think I remember liking Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss

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