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CYM’s Early Childhood Music and Movement Program (birth to 5 years) builds on children’s natural love of music through joyful activities that have them singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening.

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The Foundations Program is a comprehensive music curriculum that both teaches a beginning student the fundamentals and develops their individualized instrumental or vocal plan.

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Suzuki Studies develops well-rounded, highly-skilled musicians by upholding careful performance standards for instrumental study and by providing thorough music literacy training.

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In the Explorers Program, students establish fundamentals to listen to and play in voicing combinations that may be unfamiliar to them: the chamber ensemble, the string orchestra, and in contemporary ensembles.

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In the Young Artists Program, students demonstrate mastery as they continue their intensive training.

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Time Wave is CYM’s program for adult students. This is the perfect place for adults who played as a child and would like to return to music study, or for those who have always wanted to learn and are looking for a supportive and comfortable environment in which to start.

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“We joined the CYM family when our daughter was just 3 years old. It didn’t take long for us to know that CYM was the place for us to help us foster our love of music within our daughter. CYM is not simply a place to learn how to play an instrument. It truly is a unique place that provides multiple methods for learning and just as importantly, appreciating music – from individual instrument lessons to group classes to community performances. The instructors are tremendously talented and committed to teaching. CYM also fosters a sense of a community within the school. It was wonderful to not only see our daughter grow musically, but also her peers. We have moved away from the area after spending several years with CYM, and we sincerely can say that we truly miss it!”

Shweta Gupta

“As a parent, I often question the choices that I make. Choosing a quality music education for my kids is the one decision that I haven’t second guessed. Over the past decade, CYM has become a second home for my family. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely and frequently with caring, patient, and expert instructors. My kids are learning about more than music. They are learning helpfulness, tenacity, respect, discipline, and concentration. They are learning how to approach seemingly intractable problems by breaking those problems into smaller, more manageable tasks, a skill that can be applied throughout their lives.”


“We could not be more pleased with our CYM experience thus far. Our five-year old daughter has thrived in her first year of classical instrumental study with Mr. Ryan, both in her weekly private lesson and her group class. Her father and I have been pleased to see how far she has come musically in a short period of time and how much her focus and determination have improved as a result. The group class has been a wonderful way for her to meet children of her own age with common perspectives and interests. We have also found that her musical study is benefiting us as a family. We are grateful for the togetherness that the lesson and class time provide, the regular practice time together at home, and the sharing of a common musical goal. Another unexpected benefit? Our three-year old has started to pick up the various twinkles and can’t wait to choose an instrument of her own! We look forward to getting her started in the Early Childhood Music program in September. We appreciate the approachability of the CYM faculty and staff, the way in which the school provides a fun and secure learning environment, and the thought given to preparing the children for performance in a comfortable and calm way.”


“CYM isn’t just a place to take piano lessons. It’s become a social center for my family, where my children and I have formed lasting friendships and find constant support. The group classes are the core of this. The kids work hard together and also have fun, organizing after-class parties and — with the encouragement of a very skillful teacher — preparing their own works of music and movement to perform for parents. They learn from each other and support one another, as do the parents. Our years at CYM have been one of the very best experiences we’ve given our family.”

Kim Capozzi, mom to Ben and Matthew

“For me, the favorite part of my music career began after finishing the Faber practice books. I was able to grow as a musician through the tutelage of Ms. Sonia and the Center for Young Musician staff. When growing up, I could always earmark my favorite pieces in the different levels of books. They weren’t the pieces inspired by Bach or Mozart, but rather the Maple Leaf Rag and other songs in that nature. Once graduating to my own choice in ensembles, I made it known that I preferred to play jazz or blues above a classical piece. Through the efforts Ms. Sonia put in for me, Center for Young Musicians allowed me to perform on stage everything from Boogie Woogie Blues to Mariah Carey Medleys at the Wintergarten performance. All the while still learning and perfecting technique, but also giving me a chance to get lost in and love the music I practiced every day.”

Alexandra Spallek (18), CYM piano student and 2016 graduate

“Throughout the years in which I played piano at CYM, I went from counting the lines and spaces in order to find notes on the staff, to taking on pieces that I never expected to be successful with. One of my recent challenges was one of the longest pieces I’d ever played, and it was definitely the most difficult. With amazing guidance and coaching from my teacher, Ms. Sonia, I had a tremendous amount of fun working my way through the piece. I’m still so proud of myself for achieving my goal, but it wouldn’t have been possible on my own. Both Ms. Sonia and the encouraging atmosphere of CYM motivated me to set big goals for myself, and to, of course: practice, practice, practice. Playing piano at CYM has allowed me to learn in my own way, choose my pieces, and also have great instruction. I’m so thankful for everyone there who helped me reach the level at which I am playing now.”

Sophia Spallek (15), CYM piano student

“We have been very satisfied and impressed with the CYM program- teachers are talented, knowledgeable, experienced and personable, their curriculum is well sequenced and comprehensive, incorporating technique as well as musicianship, literacy, and artistry. They truly teach the whole music student. They do an excellent job of keeping any student regardless of how old on track to make progress toward goals and not be stagnant, offering a variety of performance opportunities that help students stay motivated and inspired – Big recitals like spring solo or fall ensemble, and with other smaller community recitals, and exciting performances like children’s museum radio program, Pittsburgh symphony fiddlesticks, or Apple Fest; my daughter has enjoyed them all. Thank you CYM for helping us give her a love of making music.”

Andy & Carol Bronkaj on the wide range of musical experiences offered to the CYM student

Mr. Erich and a student performing at SLB

Ms. Simmi and her student

Early Childhood Music Class

A CYM student performing at the Solo Recital

“CYM has been a wonderful fit for our young child. The instructors have worked closely with him to develop an understanding of music theory and the instrument in a fun and relaxed manner, while treating him with respect and kindness. Additionally, CYM’s frequent performances and opportunities for the children to perform gives each child invaluable real-world experience and confidence. We plan on being members of the CYM community throughout his childhood and will recommend the program for any of our friends interested in music lessons”.

Sarah and Jay Miller on the ECM program

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February 22 @ 9:00 am - 9:50 am
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Piano Department Group

Private lessons always go by so quickly, and it is tough to find time to spend on the myriad components of music study! That’s why we have our department groups! …

February 29 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Leap Year Community Concert with Ms. Leah

For more information contact Ms. Leah at lgivelber@youngmusicians.org.

March 14 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Drum Circle

Join us at CYM Sewickley on Saturday, March 14 at 4 pm for a drum circle led by local musician Matt Price.  More details coming soon!

March 21 @ 10:30 am - 11:20 am
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Guitar Department Group

Private lessons always go by so quickly, and it is tough to find time to spend on the myriad components of music study! That’s why we have our department groups! …

March 28 @ 10:00 am - 10:50 am
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Violin Department Group

Private lessons always go by so quickly, and it is tough to find time to spend on the myriad components of music study! That’s why we have our department groups! …

March 28 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Achievement Day

It’s back again! Achievement Day is back, March 28th at CYM Sewickley. Be sure to click the link here to register for it today. This is a perfect event for …

April 4
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Winter Term 2020 Ends

Say sayonara to winter and hello to spring! If you have any questions, please call us at 724-935-0505.

April 4
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Solo Recitals

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The Center for Young Musicians develops a community of students with liberated ability, refined character, and a life-long love of music through a comprehensive, long-term curriculum emphasizing an early-start, an expert faculty, a dynamic support staff, and a mutual commitment between the families and the school.

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