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Need help choosing the right path? Fill out the inquiry form and we'll get back to you "Prestissimo!" For assistance regarding instrument rental, click here. Or if you prefer, give us a call at 724.935.0505.

Cyber & Homeschool (Session 1)

Several registrants have reported that, upon completion of the form, they are not automatically taken to CYM's online store to make their purchase. If, after completing the form, you experience this, click here to open the store's Session 1 page.

Tuition is $250, $180 of which is eligible for PACCS stipend.
  • Violin with Mr. Chris
  • Tuesdays @ CYM Shadyside, 2:30–3:30
  • Guitar with Mr. Erich
  • Fridays @ CYM Wexford, 3:00–4:00
  • Keyboard/Piano with Ms. Grace
  • Wednesdays @ CYM Wexford, 2:00–3:00
CYM provides instrument rentals at the following rates:
  • Cello: $47.00 per month
  • Guitar (small): $27.00 per month
  • Guitar (large): $30.00 per month
  • Violin/Viola: 25:00 per month
  • Maintenance: $7.00 per month
If you wish to rent an instrument, complete the rental section of the form, below. When you're taken the CYM store, indicate an instrument and, if applicable, the maintenance option.
  1. Complete the form and click Submit. The information you provide is sent to CYM and you'll be sent directly to our secure, online store to complete your registration.
  2. On the store's course or product page, select the course option and click 'Add to Cart' then 'Proceed to Check Out.' If this is your first purchase from CYM, you'll be asked to register an account - and all that's left will be to confirm your order.