Study Music to Understand One Another Better!


Here’s a interesting article that highlights how music and empathy are closely related.

I’d like to highlight the value of being able to understand others’ perspectives and anticipate their needs.  Surely this is a basic skill that increases decision-making capabilities and fosters a service-to-others orientation.  If we can help develop empathy in our students by studying music, then it’s another tool in their toolbox with which to craft a happy life!

Empathy is also the foundation of great friendships.  Who hasn’t lost themselves for a few moments in hearing a friend relate some adventure, or misadventure?  Empathy is what makes books and movies so enjoyable.

Once more, the study of music shows up on the list of formative activities that impact the quality of one’s life!

Keep the music on!




Simmi Tripathi’s Students Performing Around Town


Ms. Simmi’s students have been busy of late performing at her Sizzling Summer Music Community Concert, in the lobby of Heinz Hall and at the Veteran’s Administration hospital.

Many thanks to all of her families for sharing their music in the summertime!


Sizzling Summer Mewsic Simmi Tripathi Community Concert June 16

Students from our Solo Studies and Classical programs performed at CYM Sewickley in the Sizzling Summer Mewsic Community Concert this past Saturday, June 16.

Clara Yuo, Hanna Singhi, Jayne Miner, Abby Bojalad, Kush Bandi & Lakshmi Mulgund (Daniel Yuo not pictured) performed alongside piano faculty member, Simmi Tripathi at CYM Sewickley last Saturday.

Thanks to all who participated!

CYM Pianists perform at PSO pre-concert event

PIano students Andrew Li, Clara Yuo, Lakshmi Mulgund, Jayne Miner & Abby Bojalad enjoy an afternoon at Heinz Hall before a PSO concert.

On Sunday, June 10, Ms. Simmi Tripathi led several of her students to beautiful Heinz Hall to play in the lobby for the pre-PSO performance audience.

CYM students have performed regularly at Heinz Hall for over 20 years.  Each performance reminds of us how grateful we are to enjoy such a substantial cultural resource.

Thank you PSO!

CYM Cellists Cool Off the Crowd at Millie’s Ice Cream

CYM Cellists Cool Off the Crowd at Millie’s Ice Cream

Cello Faculty Member, Ryan Ash, and students performed June 8 at Millie’s Ice Cream in Shadyside.  Not much can compare to a group of cellists in the ability to create a completely chill vibe. In addition to sounding great, the young cellists were treated to their choice of ice cream.

Millie’s is a locally-produced treat with two locations, one in Shadyside and one in Market Square.  You can pick up Millie’s at all Market Square versions of Giant Eagle, at T-bones in Wexford, and at B Gourmet in Sewickley.

Visit Millie’s on the web at

Thanks, Millie’s for the flavors and the friendship!

The Center for Young Musicians