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CYM Establishes Voice Program   [Vocal Studies]

Ms. Anna Elder, a Pittsburgh native who studied Vocal Performance at the Eastman School of Music, has joined the CYM faculty as a voice instructor. Ms. Anna is taking on students of every age beginning immediately in Sewickley and Shadyside. Plans to form group instruction and performance groups in the Fall are being finalized

"Everyone can sing and everyone should! I believe that everyone can share in the simple joy that is singing. I teach voice from a holistic position in which the entire body is viewed as the instrument. I believe that by learning how to sing properly, the voice can grow to sound powerful and strong, while inside the instrument, singing exists as a calming habitual motion that relaxes the singer and the audience. I teach a variety of styles that include classical bel canto, Broadway belt, rock belt, blues, jazz, and country as well as beginning piano, music theory, and ear training."

I Have a Therapist — Her Name is Music!   [Music Therapy]

Music Therapy at CYM is dedicated to creating possibilities and opportunities for children of all abilities. We recognize and support the full potential of each child through the creation and discovery of music. Music therapy provides the opportunity for your child to discover and learn about how they interact with themselves, others and their environment by creating music. Music Therapy at CYM is also committed to the family dynamic, within sessions offered families have the opportunity to join together through music. Through the dynamic of music new opportunities for communication and relationship building are explored.

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A no-obligation trial at CYM comprises 4 weeks of instruction in the CYM program of your choice.

For parents, this period of time allows your child the full experience of a CYM student in your chosen program, as well as allows for customization of the instruction and curriculum path, development of your child's musical goals, and establishment of a teacher/student relationship.

For the adult student, a 'Time Wave' trial is an opportunity to evaluate private instruction of the highest quality. On the Time Wave page, click the 'Solo Studies Trial' link located beneath the 'Prospective Student?' heading.

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A Day at CYM — a video introduction

The Center for Young Musicians develops a community of students with liberated ability, refined character, and a life-long love of music through a comprehensive, long-term curriculum emphasizing an early-start, an expert faculty, a dynamic support staff, and a mutual commitment between the families and the school.

Because we know every child is unique, our programs can be customized to fit each child's need. To better understand the opportunities CYM provides your child, please visit the 'New to CYM?' section (above) — the accompanying links lead to a thorough explanation of each program CYM offers.

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